Gun Fit

Coincides coaching all appropriate shooting techniques

gun-fit3 Although there are many integral aspects to practise and craft when taking up shooting, Stuart puts an emphasis on a perfect fitting gun in order to achieve a shooter’s best possible game. When holding the gun it should feel natural in the shooter’s hands and a perfect fitting stock plays an important role in this.In addition obviously each individual is different and thus will require a relative difference in the gun’s weight, balance and barrel length as to assure an ideal approach when clay shooting.

Gun fit heavily centres on a shooter’s size and is intrinsic to an excellent shooting craft. Stuart is able to aid any and all shooters looking to learn and or better their game; coaching from left and right handed shooters, men and ladies, as well as children all the way to the retired shooter.


Stuart is also a registered firearms dealer and as such will supply guns that are made to order. Although none are held in stock, they can be placed to order simply after discussing your specific needs and preference of gun with Stuart, who has vast experience in determining the right choice of gun and stock for any shooter. This service also includes supplying detailed custom made stocks for you and your gun.

Besides a suitable gun fit, Stuart also coincides coaching all appropriate shooting techniques of which will assure a consistent break of targets with clear efficiency with a 6 key point step by step system. All gun fit and key point techniques will be coached by Stuart upon any and all shooting lessons.