About Stuart

Stuart first began shooting when he was ten years old,

Stuart developing his shooting technique on his uncle’s farms, controlling the pigeons and rabbits.

Even as a junior Stuart naturally held his own with a shotgun and ultimately became encouraged by his father, Kenneth, to continue his natural shooting ability by taking up clay shooting. Completely self taught, Stuart began clay shooting seriously at a senior level at the age of 25 and within four years was representing his country shooting in the England Sporting Team in 1988.

He joined Collier End Gun Club in 1985 and shot the club’s first 50 straight at sporting within a year. Club member Andy Anderson urged Stuart to shoot Fitasc Sporting as he said Stuart’s style/technique suited it. Within 4 years Stuart was representing the Great Britain Fitasc team.


In addition to Stuart’s natural ability combined with a practised shooting system, Stuart has also developed his mental game. He considers his high level of concentration is a huge factor towards his shooting career success.

Stuart has won over 20 major championships and represented the Great Britain and England shooting teams over 40 times during the past four decades proving the consistency of his technique. His experience and competing internationally have in turn made him an important figure within the clay shooting world and he has featured on the front cover of several major clay pigeon shooting magazines such as; Clay Shooting, Pull! and Shooting Clays.

Stuart still regularly competes in tournaments at a national and international level as well as coaching novice, up and coming and professional shooters. He is currently representing the England Sporting team for the World Sporting Championship in South Africa.

After years of sponsorship from various major companies, Stuart’s main sponsor is Edgar Brothers who supply him with a Zoli Z Sport 32 inch and NSI cartridges.