Stuart Clarke Achievements

As an internationally recognised competitor within the clay shooting sport

Stuart Clarke has been practising his craft for over thirty years. Stuart has achieved some of the highest accolades within the field during which he has represented Great Britain and England across many major world championships. In 1988 Stuart achieved his first competitive title as champion of the British All Round; the same year in which he first made the English team. Stuart would go on to shoot for the England team 26 times and the Great Britain FITASC team 18 times, during which he won 16 gold and two silver team medals respectively, also taking home four individual medals of silver and bronze.

Over Stuart’s four decades of shooting clays

He has come to achieve some personal and even world records. Stuart first won the World Sporting Championship in 1997 and then again in 2012, becoming the most senior person to ever win this championship title. Stuart also achieved this accolade by competing and winning in both competitions with an over/under and semi-automatic shotgun respectively, an achievement no other shooter is yet to equal. Stuart has also achieved this record once before winning the British Open Sporting in 1993 and 1999, again competing one time with an over/under and again with a semi-automatic; another title record in which is still unequalled by another shooter.

As well as achieving many personal titles, Stuart’s seminal coaching of other shooters has too benefitted them toward success within the sport. Stuart has coached and aided the practise of several influential and international names within clay shooting such as; renowned clay shooter Wendell Cherry, England and Great Britain Ladies Champion Becky McKenzie and novice to professional shooter Paul Buckley.

Stuart’s most notable competitive shooting career

  • Two Time World Sporting Championship
  • Two Time Beretta World Sporting
  • Two Time British Open Sporting
  • Two Time English Open Sporting Champion
  • Two Time British FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • Three Time English FITASC Grand Prix (Record Score)
  • UK FTTASC Championship Champion
  • US Triple Crown Championship
  • American National FITASC Champion
  • German FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • Belgian FITASC Grand Prix Champion
  • World Cup FITASC Champion

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